Joël & Andrea Rominger
by Joël & Andrea Rominger

Why are we doing this?

We are Joël and Andrea Rominger, a married couple from Switzerland. We like to travel. As a meteorologist and a girl who studied international relations, we venture a new step: we continue to follow our calling, however from August 2017, we will follow the calling abroad. On our vision trip to Madagascar we got to know MAF better and we decided we wanted to work for this organization.


... is fascinated by the weather for as long as he can remember. At a Christian youth conference, he met a future MAF bush pilot who immediately planted this dream of flying to remote areas in his heart. A few years later, after a successful master in geography with emphasis on meteorology, he forecasts the weather as meteorologist at SRF METEO. Since he has successfully completed his private pilot license in December 2015, he loves to fly in discover the Swiss weather also from above. He wants to turn this hobby into a full-time job. He will then be able to fly relief aid transports to remote places where people otherwise would not receive help.


... has travelled the world with her family and as a flight attendant. Her dad, also a private pilot, has basically planted the “aviation-virus” in her. It got only reinforced during her time at Swiss. When volunteering at a Nonprofit-Organization in Hong Kong, she packed a container for a refugee camp in Sierra Leone. This experience and the desire to help people in need has never left her. After her studies of international relations, she made her first experiences on the field within humanitarian aid. She worked in the field for humedica and in communications for Medair. At MAF, she is probably going to work in project management or human resources.

Our steps with MAF and our vision

Already for many years it has been both our hearts’ desires to use our talents and calling abroad. Joël got to know MAF in 2003 and cherished the hope to join Mission Aviation Fellowship as a bush pilot since a long time. Andrea wants to work for a humanitarian organization since her first internship, and even planned once to become a pilot herself (which luckily never happened).

Our recent trip to Madagascar has sharpened our vision to assist people in remote areas in their needs. Thereby, we are taking our drive and energy out of our Christian faith. We carefully want to get to know new cultures and share God’s love practically.

  • o In fall 2015 we decided to pursue this new journey and apply to be a candidate with MAF.
  • o From January to November 2016 many different clarifications and tests (interviews, flight qualifications, psychological and medical evaluations) followed. During ascension 2016, we were in the Netherlands to complete a test day, including one test flight.
  • o In December 2016, we successfully completed the assessment. Now, we are candidates to the aviation training program of MAF.

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These are our plans for the next two years.
These are our plans for the next two years.

Our first destination will be Australia. Joël will pursue his training to become a commercial pilot in the MAF-internal flight school in Mareeba. After 12 to 15 months he will receive his commercial pilot license. After that, we will probably be sent to the North, to Arnhem Land, our first field assignment. Andrea will probably be working internally in human resources or project planning, in both Mareeba and Arnhem Land. Her job is not confirmed yet, which seems to be totally normal in this part of the world. We are optimistic :) …

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Hangar at MAF-Flightschool in Mareeba, Australia.
Hangar in der MAF-Flugschule in Mareeba, Australien.


Starting from August 2017, Mareeba will be our new home for the next year and a bit. Mareeba is a small town with about 10’000 inhabitants one hour by car from Cairns. On this northeastern part of the country, you can find parts of the rainforest. The region is the heart of Australian’s tropical fruit- and coffee industry. Mareeba exports Macadamia nuts, Cashews, Litchis, Pineapples and Mangoes. With around 300 sunny days a year, the airstrip can frequently be used.

In order to pursue this journey, we rely on donations. You can find more information in support.

More information and contacts

We would love to keep you updated with our Newsletter Rominger.Info. Have you subscribed already? We also look forward to talk to you on Skype, Whatsapp, email or in person. You are very welcome to come by in Zürich before we leave Switzerland in August. We would love to be in contact with you!


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